Wierzchlida - village in Lida district Hrodna region of the Republic of Belarus. There are the following data for this settlement on the Radzima.net website:
- geographical coordinates and location of village Wierzchlida on the detailed map of the beginning of the XXth century and modern maps, as well as on satellite images from the Google Maps;Wierzchlida at map
- administrative-territorial belonging in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the XXth century, in Poland (1920-1939)in the Republic of Belarus (2017);
- name of the Catholic parish to which belonged village Wierzchlida at the beginning of the XXth century
- what years the Metric books about the born, married and dead of this parish have survived;
- address of the Archive in which the metric books are stored;
- the name of the owner and the name of the landed property to which the area belonged in the middle of the XIX century

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