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My husband's family descended from a Sawy or Sowka Novik who had two wives, Belesta and then Anna Pacepnauk. The Noviks all lived in Klepacze and the Pacepnauks probably came from Kotra, a little to the west. They are both very near the red flag on the map above. Today, Klepacze is an agro-town in Belarus, in the Brest voblast (region), the Pruzany powiat (county), and the Mokrauski (formerly Kotra), selsovet (village council).
Sowka had one brother, Sam, who lived on neighbouring land and who married Sadie.
Sowka and Anny died of typhus in 1916 and their children were raised by an older step-brother, John. Sowka and Anny's son Mike came to Canada and my husband's family is descended from them.

Do these sound like the people you are related to?

Mary Novik
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