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Chodasy gmina Hruzdowo powiat Postawy to majątek należący w 1939r do Władysława Rodziewicza.... > > >
Добрый день! Ищу данные по своим прадеду и прапрадеду. Фамилия Ясинский, проживал прапрадед в Миорском районе, где-то Дедино, Имел сына Семена, когда сын ( мой прадед) женился на Женщине поимени Устина, прапрадед был против этого брака, он дал молодым жилье и хозяйство, земли, но запретил давать фамилию Ясинский молодой жене. Тогда прадед взял фамилию жены Выдрулинский. Семен Выдрулинский проживал в с. Робово (ныне Миорский район). С уважением П.Костылев. ... > > >
Hi Natalia!
Unfortunately, I can't match any of those names. BUT, my information is very limited on that side of the family. My grandmother was Jadwiga Krupska. There are stories that her family came from the Vilno area. She had a brother named Tomaz, one named Julius, and a sister Barbara (English versions of names). Her father's name was Stanley which I guess would be Stanislaw. Her mother's first name was Casimira but I'm unsure of the spelling of the last name: STANKEVICH ? STANKIEWITZ ? STANKIEWICZ. I'm told she died around 1889, and was buried in Vilno.
You can reach me directly at mck1(at symbol)mckdesign.com
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Michael... > > >
Thank you for your message. Jerzy Burak came to America and lived out his life in Springfield, Vermont. I suspect he didn't want to go back after 1917, and believe his wife didn't want to go back to America. I can't say for sure, but he remained single and was around our family a lot from what I'm told.

I would love to hear more about what you know of the village and the Krupinski family! My knowledge/information stops at Aleksander and Marcella Krupinski (my great grandparents).

The maps I have can be viewed via Krupinsky.com. I've also included some direct links. They are from a 1915 German military map and an 1898 map which is very similar.
1915 wider area around Smorkowo: https://www.krupinsky.com/maps/1915_German_Wilejka_area_600px.jpg
1915 closer around ... > > >
Good evening,Michael.There is information, that Burak is Jan's sister. Married name. She got married in the village of Pasadec, but lived with him for a short time. He was ill and died.We have a strong request to show you the pictures of the maps. A book is being written about the history of the village of Smorkovo.This information is very important to us.We will be very grateful and grateful.... > > >
Mikhail, good afternoon. For many years I have been searching for my roots Krupskys from village Smorkovo. According to the revisions of 1795,1811,1816,1834,1850, I managed to find my ancestors, starting from 1795. The original person is Bazyl Krupsky (1695 -1700)
My grandfather-Ivan Krupsky (1907) and great-grandfather Konstantin Krupsky (1864) were from the village of Juncewicze. Konstantin Krupsky's father, Gergiy 1822 lived in Smorkovo. He was married to Viktor Mikhailova Krupskaya from Smorkovo.
They had children :
1. Antony Krupsky 1847-1911
2. Eva Krupskaya 1849
3. Antonina Krupskaya 1851 (death record not found)
4. Mikhail Krupsky 1853(death record not found)
5. Gelena Krupskaya 1854-1871
6. Constance Krupskaya 1857
7. Theodora Krupskaya 1859
8. Karol... > > >
Adding family names.
Grandfather from Smorkowo. Grandmother from Rakshitsy which is nearby.

Smorkowo: Krupinski, Cherak, Marchinkeotz(?kewitz), Burak

Rakshitsy: Krupski, STANKEVICH (sp?)... > > >
Какого года рождения Ваша бабушка? Отец Константина умер в 1932 году. Софью Тукалло растреляли фашисты в 1942 году. У профессора медицины и гос. деятеля Республики Польши Константина Тукалло родились три дочери.... > > >
Hello Czeslaw!
My family is Krupinski from Smorkowo. I would be interested to connect to learn more from what you know of them. My grandfather was Piotr Krupinski. My great grandfather was Aleksander Krupinski, but I know very little about him. I also know very little about the history of the village and I would love to learn more.

Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.
Michael Krupinsky
www.krupinsky.com... > > >
I have family from Smorkowo, but don't know much past my great grandparents. I also have some old maps of the area. I would love to learn more about the history of the village too. My family was Krupinski. My grandfather was Piotr Krupinski, he left around 1910. His brother Jan Krupinski remained as well as some others who I don't know much about. My website is: HTTP://www.krupinsky.com. I have the maps there. I would love to learn more if anyone has more information about the village or the Krupinski family.
Thank you,
Michael Krupinsky... > > >