Белавускі сельсавет

Спіс месцаў


Miejsce urodzenia mojego dziadka Józefa Ściepury syna Walentego. Poszukuję informacji na temat mojej rodziny.... > > >
Hello, my name is Veronica .
I live in Russia , my father is from Stolin District Belousha village. Interested in my clan, family - Brutsky Stempkovsky , my grandfather Brutsky - Stempkovsky Veniamin , was born when I do not know , he died in the late 70s of the last century . Had 4 children , Lida , Mary, John and Paul . My grandmother , I know died on the day the war ended . I wanted that to learn more about their ancestors .... > > >
Hello Donna

If you're looking for metrics, from the parish of Stolin (Białousz) please contact us.

Jerzy Tadeusz > > >
I am looking for baptismal records of :
Pawla Yachnowiec 1933
Zofia Yachnowiec 1936

Also marriage records of Kuzma Yachnowiec to Anna Brucki in 1932 or possibly 1931. Thank-you Donna (daughter)... > > >