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I am researching my mother's parent's backgrounds. They immigrated to the US from Russia in 1913. We think they met here, not if Russia. Sadly, I never got to meet them. They married in 1915 and lived in Worcester, MA until their deaths, and raised four children.

According to my grandparent's marriage registration, my grandmother's name is listed as Olga Gedula. My DNA showed Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

Olga's mother and father are listed on Olga and John's marriage registry as: Andre Gedula and Savela Alexandrovich. Olga 's husband, my grandfather, was John Rudy, (sometimes spelled Rudyi ). His WWI US draft exemption card reads:
John Rudy, from Zblany, Russia. I found an 1850 census from Grodno, Belarus, with about 20 Rudyi men listed... all Jewish . As my DNA analysis ismitochondrial, I believe that means that the Ashkenazi ancestrydoes indeed comes from my mother's ancestry. Any information you could provide would be wonderful.

Thank you!