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Hello Again everybody,
I would like to update the information in my post and add some new names that someone may reconize,

It now appears my Granfather "Boleslaw Wysocki" had three more sisters
"Zofia Wysocka" born 1917
"Helena Wysocka" born 1926
"Janina Wysocka" Born 1932

Many thanks and good luck to you all,
Julian Wysocki

Hello again,
I am Looking for any infomation on "Jan Potocki" or any Potocki from around this area, Jan Potocki was my grand fathers "Boleslaw Wysocki" cousin,
Many thanks Julian Wysocki
Thanks to you for that great information, and the pic, its amazing that i've gone from not knowing anything about where my grandfather was born and grew up to seeing the field where it once stood, all in a day!! this is a fantastic web site :)
Folwark Świskowszczyzna is shown on the Russian military map from the end of XIX century.
On the Polish map from 1930th it is not shown as folwark, but the village with the same name appeared in 1 km from it. Perhaps, the land of the forlwark was sold and transferred to the colonists.
Coordinates of the folwark are: 53.076127, 26.290096
There is a farm field today at the place of former folwark.
Thanks a lot, I was struggling with the place name, when you google "Świskowszczyzna" this is the only site you get, not on any maps i looked at,
thanks to your help I justed looked at modern day Świskowszczyzna on google earth, I was hoping to find a village/town hall or something like that to further my research but it dosnt look like theres much left :)
thanks again for your time
Take a look at www.kami.net.pl/kresy then type in *wiskowszczyzna" (use the asterisk as a wildcard to replace the S) and you'll see it on the map.
I am looking for any information on my grandfather "Boleslaw Wysocki" he was born in 1920 in Świskowszczyzna to "Kazimierz and Zofia" nee Tomaszek, And I think he might have a sister called "Olga"
Also where is Świskowszczyzna exactly? can any one point it out to me on a map,
I am afraid I can not speak or read Polish, My grandfather settled in Wales after the war and didn't speak about the past, and we knew nothing about his former life,He died in 2001.
I've recently acquired his war record and that has lead me on this exciting path discovering my ancestry and especially the fact my grandfather could of had a sister we were unaware of.

I would be very grateful for any information
Many Thanks in advance Julian Wysocki