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Hello, Eugeniusz!

I think, that I met a mention of your family in parish lists of Dzerkovas chirch 1926 in archive.

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Dear Eugeniusz,
in the village Dzierkowszczyzna lives the daughter of Zenon Jermakowicz (Your uncle) Jadwiga (named after your mom). She was very happy to hear about you. Your mother had good contacts with this family. They sent each other letters and photographs. In one photo were your mother and her five sons. After the death of your mom contacts are interrupted. The family of Jadwiga tried to find you and your brothers, even through television in Moscow (they have a telecast where they search for missing relatives). All was unsuccessful. You can imagine the joy of an older woman when she heard about you. Jadwiga said she would be extremely happy if you brought her to Belarus, she has given your address and phone number, Unfortunately she does not use the Internet and does not s... > > >
My mother was born in Dzierkowszczyzna Poland/Belarus in 1923; parents Adolf Jermakowica and Apolonia (Sylko) Jermakowicz. Brothers and sisters: Edward, Zenon, Wilhiem, Jozef, Sabrina. I will be in this town in 09/2019 to research her family. If you have any information or can help, it would be appreciated. Eugeniusz Fritsch... > > >
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