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Adinietz or Odinietz I`m looking for some information on my great grand-father, Vasily Adiniets and his family. The surname could be spelled as Adiniets, Adinietz, Adinetz, Adinets, Odiniets, Odinietz or Odinets and Odinetz. I have a picture of him and his family, probably taken around 1914 or 1915. The little girl standing up on the chair beside her mother is Anna Vasilievna Adinietz. As per her grave marker, it states:"Anna Vasilevna Adiniets was born 2. 191 in Poland. Died 1. 9. 1980. Eternal memory." Anna was buried at the Russian Orthodox Gornensy Convent in Jerusalem, Palestine. She had an aunt who was a nun at the convent as well however no one knows her name. No one know the name of Anna's mother or her brother/sister.

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Possible variants in writing the Family Name:

  • (PL)
  • (RU)
  • (BE)
  • Adinietz (ENG)
  • Adinietz, Adiniets, Adinetz, Adinets, Odinietz, Odiniets, Odinetz, Odinetz

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  • John
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  • Country, in which I live: Canada