My Places

  • Gierwiaty, market town
  • Skurko The baptismal place of my father Skurko Viktor, my grandfather Bronislav Skurko and my grandmother Anna Skurko (in maidhood), my grandgrandfather Josef Skurko and my grandgrandmother Malvina Jurkojć Andruszkiewicz
  • Giry, village
  • Skurko The birthplace of my father Viktor Skurko (1963), my grandfather Bronislav Skurko (1936), his wife - Anna Skurko (in maidhood - Urbanovicz, born in 1936), and my grandgrandfather - Josef Skurko (1909). The parents of Anna Skurko (Sys), who were Piotr Urbanovicz (Urbanavicius, born in Giry in 1883) and Valeria Sys (in maidhood - Kishkel, born in Riga in 1898), also lived there
  • Radziule, village
  • Skurko The birthplace of my grandgrandmother Malvina Skurko (in maidhood - Jurkojć Andruszkiewicz, born in 1908), and place of living of her parents - Vincent (Vikentij) and Victoria Jurkojć Andruszkiewicz
  • Volkovysk, town
  • Skurko The present place of living of my grandmother Anna Skurko

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Possible variants in writing the Family Name:

  • Skurko (PL)
  • (RU)
  • (BE)
  • Skurko (ENG)

Name, Surname:

  • Skurko Vitautas
  • E-mail address::
  • Phone number:: +375-33-6570428
  • Place of Birth: Vorkuta, Russia
  • The town where I live: Hrodna
  • Country, in which I live: Belarus