Kuszlany - agro-town in Smarhoń district Hrodna region of the Republic of Belarus. There are the following data for this settlement on the Radzima.net website:
- geographical coordinates and location of agro-town Kuszlany on the detailed map of the beginning of the XXth century and modern maps, as well as on satellite images from the Google Maps;Kuszlany at map
- administrative-territorial belonging in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the XXth century, in Poland (1920-1939)in the Republic of Belarus (2017);
- name of the Catholic parish to which belonged agro-town Kuszlany at the beginning of the XXth century
- what years the Metric books about the born, married and dead of this parish have survived;
- address of the Archive in which the metric books are stored;

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Halina Filsell my, wasi krewni, żyjemy w Smorgonie około i w kuszlanach też są twoi krewnireply
Szukam rodziny PROSALOWICZ.Josef Prosalowicz[Prusalowicz] orodzil w Kuszlany,Oszmiana w 1868.Jego ojciec byl Kazimierz a matka Katarzyna USAREWICZ.
Jozef zona byla Apolonia WOLOSOWSKA.Niewiem wiency ,cy on mial bratcy i siostry.