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Brustkaia you can contact me to: ftaborhammerly@yahoo.com.ar
I would like to have some information from the Brucki family form Belarus. my Husband grandparents emigrated to Brazil and latter to Argentina in 1937. They where Ivan Brucki and Stefana Brucka(Polish spelling). A resent DNA test conected my husband to Domina and Stefan Brucki, who's daughter Anna was married to Kuzma Yachnowic and immigrated to Canada in the same year. Ivan could have being an older brother of Anna. Domina and her daughter emigrated from Otwierzyce. Sefana Ivanovna Brucki was born in Misk in 1902.


  • Brutcki- Brustkaia, Brutski-Butskaya, Brucka (PL)
  • (RU)
  • (BE)
  • Brucka-Brutskaia (ENG)
  • Brutski-Bruki-Brustkaia,Brutskaya-Brucka

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